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August 31, 2006

David gets the cover pic on the Times Higher Education Supplement
Times Higher Education Supplement"The rather dry title of "university lecturer in igneous processes" bears
little relation to how exciting David Pyle's job is.

As one of the UK's leading volcanologists - he has just been poached
from Cambridge University by Oxford University - he spends his time
scaling volcanoes all over the world and trawling library archives to
work out what makes them behave the way they do."


August 17, 2006

There are plans to make a sequel to the hilarious comedy Bean, its set to be called Bean 2 and is due out on my next birthday! I'm glad that's my celebrations sorted well in advance. (I've never seen bean, but I could barely get through 10 minutes of it on the telly, its almost as bad as 2.4 children where they have to replace the expensive fish. Is bean the movie actually a masterpiece?)


August 16, 2006

Divine comedy in session on 6 music can be listened to again on the internet for a bit. They do the new single "to die a virgin" and my favourite new one "a lady of a certain age". They're also off on tour again playing Leeds met and Oxford Brooks, I think tickets are about £17, its expensive this gig business. Maybe I'll save my pennies so I can finally see the bluetones when they play near the new house in Oxford.


August 01, 2006

Macmillan Cancer Support
A petition about expensive parking in hospitals


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Wicked - Jilly Cooper

Jilly takes her prejudices to a school this time where lots of good looking pupils find they're not such bad kids even though they're poor. Only 1 horse so far but its early days.

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Jeff Tweedy- Click for link
Jeff Tweedy - Sunken treasure live
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Mr Wilco doing some great live versions of lots of songs I like.

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Dude, where's my car - click for foolish empire review Dude, where's my car?
This was in the bargain bin at the local video shop the other day and it reminded me how much I liked it. "SWEET, but what does mine say?" Genius. Well worth a Sunday afternoon viewing.


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