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September 28, 2004

New Zealand Photos
Yay they're online. Some lovely pics of me and luke on our travels. Hope you like. I had lots of fun!


September 24, 2004

A lesson in Grammar
Some interesting remarks about a bad word that starts with F.


Ant and Dec Update
The boys sign new ITV contract. The boys have signed up for annother 3 years at ITV for a couple million.


September 23, 2004

Why are they so rubbish?


September 22, 2004

EastEnders slumps to ratings low
It looks like Luke's not alone in his boycott...
"EastEnders hit an all-time ratings low last night, slumping to just over 6 million viewers against an Emmerdale special on the day the BBC1 soap's executive producer, Louise Berridge, resigned.
Last night's edition of EastEnders, in which perennial loser in love Ian Beale declared his feelings for the secretly married Jane Collins, was watched by 6.2 million viewers, just 30% of the audience."


September 21, 2004

Me and Luke on a New Zealand BeachI have returned from my exciting trip to New Zealand which was, very exciting. I had a week in Christchurch at a conference about atmospheric science. Then me and Luke took off on a jaunt around the south island with magic bus.
For me and luke's benefit while looking at pics what we did on our tour was...

terrifying open air train rideFriday- up early and got the tranz alpine railway across to Greymouth on the west of the island. Was a beautiful journey. Lots of snow capped hills, they had a scary open air carriage you could go in to take pics. Then once in Greymouth went to the Monteiths brewery and toured round which was very cool and included lots of free beer, which is good stuff.
Then a walk around to the harbour and back to the hostel.

kayaking on lake mapourikaSaturday - up early and on the magic bus, stopped at Hokitika then an old mining town called Ross where they showed us how to pan for gold, then off to Franz Josef Glacier. It was very wet and grey so we went kayaking on a kettle lake, I was rubbish at it but it was ace.

Thesprawling metropolis of MakaroraSunday- Up early and back on the magic bus. Off to Fox Glacier and Lake Matheson. Were told we had the best views of Mt Cook and southern alps but was just a grey sky. Went to view of views at knights point which was another grey sky but a nice walk anyway. Then over the Haast Pass to Makarora, nice walk in the woods and then a big group dinner in a hut in the middle of nowhere with a keg of beer.

Jumping off a bridgeMonday - Up Early and on the bus to Lake Wanaka for lunch, Through to Kawarau Gorge to see the first commercial bungy site but didn;t partake. Good to watch though only takes a few seconds. Quick stop in arrowtown then to Queenstown ("adventure capital of the southern hemisphere") where we went up the cable car and then had a nice walk in the park.

Milford Sound, which is a Fjord really you know as its glacialTuesday - Up early and on a different bus to Fiordland via Te Anau. Lots of stops along the way then a cruise on Milford Sound. Were really lucky we had blue skies and amazing views of ice capped hills and even saw some penguins. After that it was back to Queenstown with Ocean's 11 on the posh coach telly.

Dunedin University, very hard to avoid getting manky concrete buildings in picsWednesday - Up early and on the magic bus to Dunedin, our driver's favourite place. Had a wander round the town which was pretty old buildings next to rotten new ones then off to university for a look around then the botanical gardens. Tried to go to nice harbour restaurant but it meant going on scary overpass so went to another one which was very nice and cozy.

The top of the world's steepest streetThursday - Up early and on the magic bus. Started the day with a walk up Baldwin Street, the world's steepest street. After getting to the top and wondering if I was going to be sick we got back on the bus at the bottom and went to Moekaki to see the boulders (very round) Then on to Timaru for lunch and mullet spotting (no luck) before the long drive to Christchurch and the end of the magic bus ride.

More pics to come soon. There's over 200 so i might try to edit them a bit first.


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