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March 29, 2004

I wish I hadn't watched two episodes of this. Its a pretty horrible game of spot the gay guy. One boy has a hairdryer, this was a very big deal and apparently conclusive proof. They do all sit around on haystacks on the elimination bit though, and there's a Chad.


March 26, 2004

I spose this is the way of the future now. Radio 2 and 6music. Listening to channel z while i clean my teeth to keep down with the kids. Well there's a thing to vote for your top song on the radio 2 website. haven't really read the rest of it. Off to a talk on organics in the amazon, have been promised lots of cool pictures and free food. can;t argue with that. Sold on Song - Top 100 Songs


March 25, 2004

More Divine Comedy news. 3 live tracks, absent freinds, happy goth amd come home billy bird can be found here...
The Divine Comedy Live In Session


March 24, 2004

The divine Comedy owlbum is out next week I think cause i remember it was coming out for my birthday. You can see all the video of the new single here...BBCCome Home Billy Bird


March 18, 2004

Scary LeprechaunOh to be in America on St Patrick's day. Don't forget I am part Irish as I've been there on holiday. Twice. Went out to Fibber McGees, a local Oirish pub last night with my hommies which was fun. Got to see everyone in green with the comedy hats on. We listened to traditional music of a funk band playing covers of famous Oirish artists like Prince, Dave Mathew's Band and Nelly. I was quite impressed by their cover of Dave Mathew's Number 41 which included a sax solo which was long enough for three of us to go off to the loo, wait in line and then come back out again and the guy was still going for it. Marvellous. Also was very impressed by the ladies in the loo who were teaching each other the secrets of big hair and a lady was being shown how to backcombe for the biggest effect. What a super place.
St. Patrick's Day Funology


March 17, 2004

What are they trying to say. Everyone knows 1976 was a fantastic and historic year when one of the world's true greats was born. It should indeed be celebrated. Specially March 1976.
Was 1976 all it's cracked up to be?


March 16, 2004

The BT sponsored movie quiz on thier site is cool. You have to race against the clock to get 19 questions right, if you get one wrong you go back to the start. Took me a few goes to get to the end but managed it in 49.65 seconds. You need to get about 14 secs to make the leader board. Empire Online. Never mind the quiz has gone now.


March 11, 2004

YAY! Ruffus Rock. This is a review of the top song the Estonian group entered for the Eurovision song contest last year, which was great. If you click on "eighties coming back" in the review you can hear it for yourself.
For the latest news on Eurovision 2004 in Turkey with lots of chnaces to see songs and videos check out Devoted to Eurovision


Some North Carolina Restaurants Offer Order of Fries, Hold The 'French'
My hommie was telling the other day that the great idea to change French Fries to Freedom Fries began right here so I asked google about it and found this fast breaking news story.


March 10, 2004

Empire's top 25 films of 2003
I've only seen 8 of these. there's a nice tick box bit so you don't even have to count for yourself which i thought was splendid.
Empire's top films


March 09, 2004

Listen to new Wilco stuff. I think you have to get quicktime to hear it though. As a thank you for your support over the past year(s), WILCO are also offering a six song EP for fans who own “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”. W I L C O


I expect this has been big news all over. The five peice to become a fourpice and no doubt split soon. They're no Boyzone, and they were no take that.
Boy band Westlife become foursome


I saw this last night it was fantastic. A gritty true to life story of what happened when they came up with Charlie's Angels. Brilliant!
Charlie's Angels- behind the camera


March 08, 2004

A news story brought to my attention by Luke. Serious musician and highly respected artist Jamelia has questioned the suitability of Peter Andre's Mysterious Girl as chart topping material. Having seen Mr Andre and his pecs live on several occasions I can confirm the song "mysterious girl" is marvellous. I still remember how it goes whereas I couldn't name a single Jamelia tune. But what do I know? I'm not a "real music head" afterall.
Jamelia slams 'rubbish' chart rival Peter Andre - NME.COM


More Mark n Lard news. Vote for the feature you want them to recreate one last time...
vote for a feature


mark and lard

Mark not Lard's new time slot announced. 5.30pm for me which I guess isn't too bad. I still fear change though. BBC Radio 2 unveils new line-up


March 05, 2004

No more supersizing those fries. Mac D's are phasing out the supersize option in a bid to avoid getting sued by the look of it.
McDonald's to scrap 'supersizing'


Saw a bit of this show last night about the princess. What a fascinating insight into the world of royalty. You can see the cheesy trailer at this website


Free dress
If only I'd known. It says here if you propse to a boy on Feb29th and they turn you down, they have to buy you a frock.
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Old Wives' Tales (The Privilege of Ladies)


March 04, 2004

The boys in the current bun...

Ant and Dec not millionaires shocker!
Dec's heartache


March 01, 2004

Bottled tap water at twice the price and I've bought a bottle. I'm sticking to tea.
Soft drink is purified tap water


I got to watch the Oscars last night. Being on the East coast it didn’t finish till midnight for me. 3 HOURS!!! and an hour before that of the red carpet stuff with Joan Rivers on E!
Quite exciting in bits, shame we had to sit through all them rubbish songs up for awards. Jamie Lee Curtis's cleavage was most eye catching and Sandra Bullock's Wedding Cake dress was intriguing. Couldn't quite distract from the rubbish job her and John Travolta did on their comedy skit while presenting. Always good to see Phil Collins though.
Oscar Night


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Wicked - Jilly Cooper

Jilly takes her prejudices to a school this time where lots of good looking pupils find they're not such bad kids even though they're poor. Only 1 horse so far but its early days.

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Mr Wilco doing some great live versions of lots of songs I like.

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Dude, where's my car - click for foolish empire review Dude, where's my car?
This was in the bargain bin at the local video shop the other day and it reminded me how much I liked it. "SWEET, but what does mine say?" Genius. Well worth a Sunday afternoon viewing.


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