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November 30, 2004

father christmas

Some new snaps are online but here're some little versions of them. I went to see some really cool fireworks this weekend and after, I met...Father Christmas. I decided this was my perfect chance for a phto op.

I also had a very exciting trip to the magical store that is Target. I saw this cleaner and decided I had to have it. right

Then on my way into school this morning I saw this really cool bird hanging out behind the goodwill carpark. I had my camera so took some pics as you can see. birdy


November 24, 2004

Ooh I'm off for Turkey day now (its on thursday and you get 3 days off, brilliant). Mike told me he's helping out the forensic lab here by taking some old clothes home with him, shooting them "with the guns he has at home" then bringing them back for the chemists to analyse.
Now that is a practical.


November 19, 2004

My Gene bit
An old Gene pic, its very hard to find Gene online. Keep getting stuff about girly biology and Gene Pitney and thatBoo, Gene are splitting up.How rude. They're playing their last gig, in London the day before I fly back for Chrimbo. Inspired by Luke's list of his top 10 gene numbers here my faves.

London can you wait (Snippet) Ah all those not always so happy times listening to this in my room singing my heart out. Kate was so lucky to have the room next door. Very good for revising to. (revising!!! people have to do that for me now.)
Car that sped
Still can't find the phone.
Sleep well tonight (for the line "we'll leave this lay-by, this excuse for a town"- top!)
Olympian (snippet) I heard Olypian in Sister Ray on Berwick Street while trying to decide what to spend my first set of tip money on from waitressing and thought Olympian might be good. I was very right. (Handy hint - to avoid singing Noo-oo at the wrong moment, listen for the bit where he say says I'm taking your life for you and then you know no more Noo's. The handyness of this blog never ends)
Truth rest your head (snippet)
I can't help myself (snippet, although I like the other version better)
For the dead (snippet) I got this on a single and EVERYTHING.
Save me I'm yours
Speak to me someone (snippet ) the words I'm Homer McGann as heard here or something like that is etched into the vinyl version of some record of their's I've got that isn't Drawn to the Deep end, full of fascinating facts this blog!
Long sleeves for the summer
Stop (Snippet)
Walking in the shallows
You (Snippet)

I know this isn't the list of a proper fan cause its mostly off Olympian and there's no obscure Bsides that were only released in Japan but that's tough.
Gene are good.


November 17, 2004

I heard the new version of the Band Aid song now. The Guardian has reviewed it 'It's a pale imitation of a classic, but we'll still buy it'. When I heard it though, it reminded me of the Ant Aid version off Chums on SMTV:live. I think it featured the lovely Louise, Mel B and posh spice among others and tried to raise money for ant cause he couldn't blink anymore (but he was lying to make himself some money) and had the chorus "Blink for Ant, close your eyes and open them".


Doing my bit for global warming
Last night we had a very nice evening at my friend Leslie's house, just us girls, eating some food and looking at nice jewelry her friend makes. There was 9 of us there and it took 9 cars to get us all there.
According to fuel economy.gov, my motor gets 20 miles to the gallon in the city. I think this is 5.3 miles to the litre, although I have no idea if this is good or bad. Apparently petrol is £3.80 per gallon in the UK, but I think its about £1.07 per gallon here so never mind. Brumm, brummm!


November 15, 2004

my mum's summer houseThe adventures of me and my mum can now be seen online thanks to technical magicness. Had a nice time at big ol plantation but got bitten to bits by bugs which wasn't so good.


November 11, 2004

Mel's Movies
I've been seeing a few movies lately. Went to see Ray, the movie about Ray Charles with Jamie Foxx. Was pretty cheesy but the music was great so worth watching.
Me and my ma also went to the cinema/restaurant place and ended up watching Napoleon Dynamite. I didn't really know what to expect just that I'd heard some good things. This turned out to be an ace film about this odd kid and his mate living in the middle of nowhere in Idaho. Really heartwarming stuff though.
Last night there was nowt on telly so I watched one of my DVD's that blockbusters posts to me. Decided to go for the very demanding Win a date with Tad Hamilton. It was just what I was hoping for. A mindless romcom about winning a date with a movie star. That bloke out of that 70's show was in it but after reading empire's review I was very distracted by the amount of hair gel on his head whenever he was on screen.


Hello London folks. For an exciting thing to do on Saturday 27th November you could go to The Circus Space round fancy Old Street and see the cabaret featuring my sister's trapeze company, Static Moves.
Sounds quite exciting


November 04, 2004

No new president for the US, but there is a new no. 1 in the all important Fotopic chart!. Luke's tilted picture has stormed back to the top and the goat has dropped out of the top 10. Very puzzling.


Which Element are you?
Have some fun with chemistry with this Australian quiz which tries to find out what element represents you best. I'm Iron, an essential nutrient!


November 02, 2004

Weather Saga
The weather has been the cause of many raised voices here in NC this week. At lunch on Friday the question came up about when the low for a given day refers to. The coldest part of an average day is around 4-7 am. What we were trying to work out is if the weather says "Thursday High 88, Low 68" does that mean it'll be 68° at 4 am Thursday or 4 am Friday morning. My guess went to The Thursday forecast being from Thursday morning to Midnight Thursday night, but then there was another camp saying it was from sunrise Thursday to sunrise Friday. In the end Sue emailed George, our local nutty weather man who told us...
"High for the afternoon (usually between 2-4 PM), low overnight, (usually 4-7 AM)." Which didn;t really help.
Then I emailed the weather channel and they told us (very quickly after I wrote to them) "If the low is listed after that day's high temperature, it would for that night's minimum temperature. For your example, the low would be for the am hours on Friday morning, likely just before sunrise."
So there you go. A day according to the weathermen is from sunrise to sunrise.
Hope you can sleep easy now. Nevermind this election nonsense, this is THE issue that matters today.


November 01, 2004

Sue's Halloween doMore pics are now online for your perusal You can see Sue's Halloween party pics which was lots of fun, and you can see Carolina Beach. Carolina BeachI drove down there yesterday morning which was quite scary, but it was very cool down there. Lots of fisher dudes. It was a really nice day, up to 85°F, yesterday. I paddled in the sea and everything. On Oct 31st!!!


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Dude, where's my car - click for foolish empire review Dude, where's my car?
This was in the bargain bin at the local video shop the other day and it reminded me how much I liked it. "SWEET, but what does mine say?" Genius. Well worth a Sunday afternoon viewing.


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