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August 31, 2004

August 30, 2004

without a paddleI went to the pics this weekend to try to catch the rest of Alien vs Predator which I didn't get to see last time as the power went out after the storm. The plan was to watch a movie before that, then sneak in and catch the end of avp as I believe it is referred to as. This plan failed as the film we saw finished at the same time. I had very low expectations of Without a paddle, but I had to admit I really liked it. It was good and stupid and taught me important lessons about life (you should value it) and stuff (friends are good). I kind of cared what happened to them all by the end and was rooting for them and everything and it even made me laugh, not quite outloud but a smile at least. More than "Dracula, dead and loving it anyway". Ooh and I just found out it was filmed in New Zealand not Oregon where I think it was set, and I'm going there on Thursday. So there you go.
(Just realised this is POST #100!!!! woohooo!!!!!)


I got sorted and took some insurance out today in case this mean Frances changes direction and heads my way.

I was a bit disturbed in the insurance place when i was aksed to value my jewellery and furs. Even more worrying was being asked the value of the firearms i own. Hopefully i wont have to find out how difficult it is to actually claim stuff back from this place. In case you're curious here are some statistics on where I live.


August 26, 2004

Scientist's Top 10 films
This is why I'll never be a proper scientist. I hate blooming 2001 a space oddesy its so dull. OOoh there's no talking for half an hour that must mean its artsy. and then some moneys pick up sticks. Great.
This is the list picked out by the scientific community apparently:
1. Blade Runner (1982)
2. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
3. Star Wars (1977)/Empire Strikes Back (1980)
4. Alien (1979)
5. Solaris (1972)
6. Terminator (1984)/T2: Judgement Day (1991)
7. Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
8. War of the Worlds (1953)
9. The Matrix (1999)
10. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)


August 25, 2004

bag of crapOne of the most rewarding things about working in a university, besides days like today when i can teach people how to use excel, is going to get free crap from Freshers fairs. Last week i got some pizza and ice cream. Today i did much better with a bag full of crap as pictured here. Included in my finds today are:
Sorority girls A Laundry bag
A Foam Finger
A Yard stick
Many plastic cups
A can of pop
A snow cone
A Frisbee
Beer holders
a bag of pretzels

I also took a pic of the folks trying to get you to pledge their sorority. It'll cost you $20 to find out about them, then $200-400 if they let you join, but then they'll be your friends (unless you miss too many meetings in which case you'll get chucked out).


Dave Mathews Band dumps sewage on tourists
Bleugh "US rock group The Dave Matthews Band have been accused of dumping human waste from a bus into a river, dousing a tour boat filled with passengers. The state claims up to 800lb (360kg) of liquid human waste was released from the bus."


August 24, 2004

Housewarming pics are now available for your perusal.
also now online are some pics of my flat without people in it at my flat pics


Blastberuffledplume's Photos
More Pics of graduation this time from the fair camera of kathryn. There's also a great one of us at the beach i guess in 2000 (?) at Holkham i think. That was a great day out!


August 23, 2004

Radio 2 - Beckology
Ah, an hour of beck to listen to again on Radio 2.


August 20, 2004

Pop the Cap
I wondered what this was all about. They're sponsoring some do the radio's been talking about and saying they campaign to change a law but not which one. and this is what its all about....

North Carolina is one of only FIVE states to limit alcohol by volume (ABV) for beer to under 6%.
Following North Carolina's repeal of Prohibition in 1935, powerful mill owners within the state pressured state legislators to impose an alcohol by volume (ABV) cap on beer. Why? Mill owners were concerned that workers would fail to report to work on Mondays.
Now's the time to get involved and make a difference.

We at Pop The Cap want to do more than tell you what's going on...we want you to become a Pop the Cap advocate. Sign up for the Pop The Cap News to learn how things are developing - and how you can help bring all the world's beer styles to North Carolina.


August 19, 2004

Vicki to leave the Enders!!!!!

Vicki Fowler is to leave the show at the end of the year. Things seemed to have gone downhill on the couple i saw in July. How can they loose this raw talent though with her amazing acent skills. I keep forgetting to tell the folks over here about how a trip round Europe lost her 18 years of Americaness.

"Executive producer Louise Berridge recently admitted that some storylines featuring the show's Ferreira family were "not our finest hour". But in its fightback against rival soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale, EastEnders will introduce a new family in September to whip up conflict."


August 17, 2004

Fursty Ferret - An Ale full of character from Badger Ales
This stuff was quite nice, even though they never replied when liz sent them pics of the ferrets drinking it, which was just rude. I saw you can order online but they only deliver to the UK.
so rude.


I have very sad news. BBC Pure Soap - Homepage for the ALL Soaps service has been shut down. Boo. This is one of the bestest websites. Its all so rude.

A report was commissioned by the government to see if the BBC had stuck to its original remit and to look at its impact on the commercial sector. They reckoned that some of the BBC's sites were not distinctive enough from commercial alternatives or could not be justified as public services according to the remit.

In response to this, the BBC's director of New Media and Technology, Ashley Highfield, said the following five BBC websites would now close:
The What's On events listings site
Fantasy Football
The Games portal
The Surfing portal
The Pure Soap site
He said their closure was based on "the grounds that their market impact might be greater than their public value".

However, he added: "Importantly, he (Mr Graf) also says it cannot be proven that our online services have had a negative impact on the market and that it's unlikely that bbc.co.uk has eliminated effective competition across any large areas of online content."

"It should continue to provide fair, independent (national and local) news and current affairs coverage," he wrote.

stupid report!


My sister sent me this, if you want to know what to do in an emergency you can find out here preparingforemergencies.gov.uk

Please ensure that you do not mistakenly look at the following site instead preparingforemergencies


August 12, 2004

Tropical systems could sock Cape Fear Region
Looks like it'll be a very wet weekend.


August 10, 2004

The 4400
I quite liked this stupid show too. They were showing a marathon of it yesterday and i think i saw 3 or 4 hours of it. all very exciting. A bunch of peopel (4400) disapeared then all come back at once in a big flash of light. but why???


Where's Vinnie???
My second favourite soap character (after Clive the lovely Doctor off neighbours of course) was the lovely Vinnie from Home and Away. Its was a travesty him going down for his Dad's dodgy dealing, and then getting killed saving a prison guard in a riot. Tragic.
I thought I recognised him in a daft new show set in California with a bunch of cool 30 somethings suddenly inheriting a bunch of kids to bring up. I seem to have seen quite a few episodes of this. How disturbing.


August 02, 2004

Singing bush and kerry thanks amy. she sent me this one.


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