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May 26, 2004

Donuts in trouble
Krispy Kreme make nice donuts. not the best kind with raspberry jam in them but they are good ones with other goo in them and they do freshly fried I'm told. Well, all them crazy folk giving up carbohydrates has hit them. Poor old donuts. You can get low carb stuff all over here, low carb sarnies at subway and low carb pizzas though I'm not sure how that works to be honest.


May 21, 2004

Plane makes emergency landing at ILM
A charter flight from Florida, heading for Scotland had to make an emergency landing at Wilmington airport. Yikes!


May 19, 2004

More Eurovision stuff
Check out Luke's in depth song by song Eurovision review at
Sample's Site.


May 18, 2004

The Charlatans 'Up At The Lake'
The transatlantic five-piece return with a raw, stripped down sound on album number eight, packed with haunting songs that stick like glue. Hear it here.


my sparkly horsey t-shirtI love Horses
In case anyone missed it here's the site again and here's the exciting t-shirt i got to show my love for the horses. This is getting a bit like that bit on a question of sport. Who am I?


Vital Signs: At the Dentist: A Gender Gap in Dental Hygiene

my nice clean teethI went to the dentist yesterday for the check up that I get with my dental insurance. All very scary. I had to fill my forms in while they pumped in some disturbing easy listening heart fm type stuff, some bloke who was there waiting too asked me if I had a boyfriend, all very odd. Then I got to go see the dentist first I had an all round X-ray where I had an x-ray machine move round my head. I thought they were just for orthodontists. Then I had the bite wing x-rays, 2 on each side and then 2 at the front. After my 7 x-rays I then had the hygenist clean my teeth. She spent over half an hour scraping my poor teeth with the metal spiky things, then a bit of flossing. Then the Dentist came in and looked into my mouth with those magnifying glasses like the jewlers use in movies. Luckily they said after all this I had good strong healthy teeth and that all was well. phew. I've included a nice piccie of my nice clean smile, all that poking was almost enough to put me off tea, but obviously not quite enough.


May 17, 2004

Piero Esteriore & the Music Stars

BBC Radio 2 - Eurovision - Contestants Boo I missed it. Foolish Americans missing out on such a treat. But now I've found the videos online but obviously its not the same without Terry.
Seen the Brit entry with the lovely Cheesy man off fame academy singing in the pub with his great mates having a fun old time sitting around singing a song. Wouldn't it be great to be in that pub listening to him and his great mates messing about but still coming up with such genius.
Ireland seems to have gone for a guy that looks like Jambo off hollyoaks, lovely use of contrasting suits for him and his backing singers.
Look at those scruffy Turkish ska boys, bursting into a posh hotel and upsetting the posh guests and maybe even getting the girl, horay!
OOoh Look at this saucy Swedish lady, she's not even blonde. Lovely shoulder work, she's great with that mike stand.
Off to Spain now "to be filled by you", ooh look at him in his white ensembles. ooh now he's got his pecs out for the girls and who's that sultry lady? She'll ruin her frock in that water.
Disappointed by Estonia's effort, who are these scary birds singing with the evil drummer? Where's Ruffus?
Denmark Shame on you, exactly, why the waistcoat? No wonder she cheated on you.
Ooh look at the cool dude Austrian boys, very Busted in a quiet mood.
Argh, a lovely French couple are fighting and making the blond boy sad, now they're fighting in sign language too. Its too upsetting I can't watch.
Who's the lovely Russian lassy? Is it Avril Lanvinge? No, but she does have a guitar, but it doesn't seem to be making any noise. How odd.
How could Switzerland not have qualified! This song is ACE!!! I want to see more more more of this guy. Piero Esteriore & the Music Stars. BRILLIANT!


May 14, 2004

Frasier came to an end last night. No trip to the cinma this time but I did watch it. There was an hour long montage show on first which was handy as I hadn;t watched it for ages. Then the last one was on which I quite liked. Was surprised to find Daphne's brothers were a random cockney bloke, Richard E Grant trying not to be posh and Robbie Coltrane doing a bizare accent which I think was meant to be Glaswegian but was just weird.

ER also finsihed the series last night but left us with a cliffhanger. All very exciting, been a top series. Quite like that Pratt now and even Nila grew on me a bit. Have to start watching the saturday repeats now...


Greek Festival!!
Mmm, greek food is good. went today to the Greek festival near campus whish was a marquee with tables to sit at and a stage with a band. Around the marquee were stalls selling food and a table filled with fab Greek pastries. Mmmmmmmmmm.


May 12, 2004

Eurovision finalists are chosen its nearly that time. I'm off to search the net for an american tv channel showing it. oh and here's the drinking game


May 11, 2004

Amazon Customer Reviews Music: The Very Best of David Hasselhoff
Every now and then i have a quick read of these reviews and they cheer me so. its good to see Mr Hasselhoff getting some respect. All together now... everybody freedom!


May 07, 2004

States With Higher IQ Vote Democrat
A little bit of politics ladies and gentlemen.


Wilmington, NC news and weather - Fans say their final farewell to "Friends"
It was very exciting. Last night me and Leslie went to Hollywood East Cinema Grill to see the last episode of freinds at a cinema/restaurant. They said there was 300 of us there and we were in a few different rooms. We got an hour of montages with music to go with it before hand. Super. If you click on the link at the top you can see the news story about our place but be warned it'll tell you how it ends. I know i shouldn't like friends but I can't help it. It wasn't as good as the ER that was on afterwards mind.


May 05, 2004

Cinco de Mayo
Today is may 5th. Cinco de Mayo. A mexican holiday i'm told. No-one seemed too sure why but we went and had nice food so it must be a good thing. no margeritas for me though. busy day in the lab today. I did find out a few facts about though for all you fact fans...

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the 1862 Battle of Puebla, in which Mexican soldiers defeated a French army. "It's basically the independence of one Mexican state," said Lucy Vasquez, executive director of Centro Latino in Wilmington. "And even in that state, they don't celebrate in a big way.
"But Mexican restaurants are so busy on Cinco de Mayo," she said. "It's always the Americans asking about Cinco de Mayo plans."
And the holiday is catching on with Cubans, too.
"No, it is not celebrated much in Mexico," said Rafael Guzman, owner of La Costa. Cinco de Mayo has been busy each of the seven years he's had his Wilmington restaurants. Before that, he was in Seattle, and it was a busy holiday there as well.


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Jilly takes her prejudices to a school this time where lots of good looking pupils find they're not such bad kids even though they're poor. Only 1 horse so far but its early days.

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This was in the bargain bin at the local video shop the other day and it reminded me how much I liked it. "SWEET, but what does mine say?" Genius. Well worth a Sunday afternoon viewing.


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